Gedeon Leslie Gallier


Mage of Life


16. Birthdate is November 15th, 1996

Screen Name


Typing Style

Regular syntax and grammar. Mostly lower case with the exception of names and the beginnings of sentences. Doesn’t use apostrophes other than for possessive nouns. Uses exclamation points and all caps for emphasis. Sometimes uses dashes to -show action in an RP style-. Has many nicknames for his companions, often to the theme of candy and other sweets.

Strife Specibi

Rosarykind, Glaivekind

Fetch Modus



Char Gallier- adoptive grandfather, ectoson West Hayden- ectoson Lola- pet duck Mom- non-biological mother Ally- non-biological younger sister

Live(s) in

Large suburban-area home on the edge of Dodge Brother’s State Park


Land of Glimmer and Fantasia

Canon Relationships

<3 Dany Kodak <3< Kenbar Beinks (unrequited)

Gene Gallier is a young man who lives in a suburban area in the state of Michigan. He resides in a large home on the edge of a tree-filled state park with a river. He has light curly hair, and ovular glasses. He wears a long sleeved shirt with a light green ginkgo leaf on it, shorts, a short-sleeved shirt he keeps unbuttoned, and low-rise tennis shoes. He doesn’t get out much, since he is homeschooled and also kind of awkward around people. He has a pet duck named Lola who is his only friend other than those he knows online. Although the majority of his friends live very close to him, he has never disclosed his locationto any of them. ? He is sixteen years old, and his chumhandle is marginallyTerminated.

Gene’s denizen is Hemera, as indicated by his web browser.